The Flower Matrix

‘The Flower Matrix’

from Claudia Hart

Edition of 3 +1 AP

3-Channel 4K Video with custom 5-channel Audio

Duration: 09:50


Collector receives 4K video and 1080p full HD video on a hard drive, along with a certificate signed by the artist.


In The Flower Matrix Hart reinterprets the “labyrinth of the minotaur,” a mythological maze from which there is no escape. As its source, an appropriated computer model taken from the free-online digital repository 3D Warehouse, is covered with an edited selection flashing emojis, the icons of power, money, addiction and control. These are the symbols of casino-capitalism, both seductive and oppressive. An immersive audio score plunges visitors into an intensely embodied and incessantly unfolding narrative of signs and symbols, as they navigate The Flower Matrix.

The Flower Matrix