Mirrored Glitch Dish

‘Mirrored Glitch Dish’

from Claudia Hart

Edition of 5 +1 AP

Paper Porcelain 9” x 9” x 1⁄2” , 2017


Claudia Hart has created decorative patterns that are in fact also computer codes – augmented-reality “tags” functioning like QR – that permit users, via her custom-designed augmented reality app, to see her fantastical embedded animations. Using their smart devices, viewers can look through her Looking Glass app to glimpse a world of pulsing invisible flowers harvested from the Flower Matrix, covered with animated graphics culled from Internet signage, computer code, and emoji graphics. Programmed by the artist, her multimedia craft objects are metaphors that unfold, using computer vision to reveal intoxicating layers of new information – the symbols for power, money and addiction found free-floating on the Internet.

Hart’s wallpapers, carpets, and ceramic tiles were specifically created as décor for a new kind of virtual-reality lounge, a seductive environment made for viewing her Flower Matrix VR world. In this lounge, mixed reality fantastical architecture is embellished by decorative elements that use an aesthetic of fakeness where technology has replaced nature. It is both sugary sweet and chemically toxic in equal measures.

Mirrored Glitch Dish