The Bauhaus school was an artist’s project, initiated by radicals who were inspired by the paradigm shift occurring as the 19th transitioned into the 20th century, and as the era of artisanal production evolved into the era of the machine and the industrial.

Contemporary artists are currently experiencing a similar shift, entering into the post-industrial era of the digital. Conscious of their Bauhaus forbears, these artists also work in the shadow of a social and political upheaval engendered by the changes wrought by ubiquitous computing and post-internet communications.

DIGITAL BAUHAUS is an online catalog featuring a selection of works from artists working with craft methodologies, offering editions of textiles, ceramics, and artist-made home decor.


Hart’s wallpapers, carpets, and ceramic tiles were specifically created as décor for a new kind of virtual-reality lounge, a seductive environment made for viewing her Flower Matrix VR world. In this lounge, mixed reality fantastical architecture is embellished by decorative elements that use an aesthetic of fakeness where technology has replaced nature. It is both sugary sweet and chemically toxic in equal measures.